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The 5-Minute SRSD Series

By July 18, 2019August 17th, 2022One Comment

All about SRSD in 5-minute videos!

Dr. Karen Harris developed Self-Regulated Strategy Development (SRSD) through 35 years of research and hundreds of studies by researchers worldwide. With SRSD, teachers utilize specific evidence-based strategies to motivate students to take charge of their own learning and love to write. Now you can learn the most powerful aspects of Self-Regulated Strategy Development in this series of 5-minute mini-lessons.

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Ready to Implement SRSD?

Get funding for new SRSD Pilot Projects:

Special Education leaders, like you, evaluate and champion new interventions for their schools – and SRSD is the most effective teaching method you will find. We now have funding to support the leaders of new SRSD pilot programs. Start an SRSD project in your school!

Approved applicants receive:
      • Free SRSD teacher training
      • Intervention resources for each student
      • Coaches guide for pilot programs
      • Dedicated mentor from the SRSD Champions Network
SRSD Pilot Application

“It’s not just learning to write, it’s Writing to Learn!”

– Brit Sikes, SRSD Coach

To schedule your discovery call, please reach out to Randy Barth: