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SRSD is the single most researched, evidence-based writing process in the world. According to Karen Harris, creator of SRSD:

“SRSD has been recognized by the What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) as  an evidence-based practice.  A 2013 meta-analysis of SRSD for writing found that SRSD was effective across different research teams, methodologies, genres of writing and students with diverse needs including learning disabilities and emotional and behavioral disorders.”

Yes, SRSD is the writing “king of the hill”, but SRSD alone is not a magic solution to be sprinkled onto students’ desks to turn children into great writers. As Karen Harris would say, “Don’t Post, Explain and Expect. Don’t PEE in the classroom!”

What is The Secret to SRSD Success?

SRSD Online has compiled 10 years of data from over 10,000 classrooms and countless educators. We have seen everything from teachers failing to even start an SRSD course to SPED students winning school-wide writing contests. And through it all we can say, with great conviction, the single reason SRSD succeeds with one teacher or group, where it fails for another, comes down to a single word: mentor.

When SRSD training is paired with a mentor (a true SRSD champion) from the start of SRSD training through classroom implementation, the comparative results to those who do not use a mentor are astounding.  SRSD lives up to the “over the moon” expectations when a trainee or group has an expert to carry them through. Yes, there have been many self-motivated educators who have grabbed the bull by the horn, but, for the average educators, those experiencing “new curriculum fatigue”, having a knowledgeable friend guide you quickly to answers is, well, the answer.

SRSD Online Ambassadors

SRSD Online has pioneered the SRSD Ambassador- seasoned SRSD mentors who are eagerly willing to guide educators to the SRSD promised land. Our ambassadors bring you and your team to implementation faster, and with greater efficacy, than if you were to try on your own. That is why our group training includes mentors. Because the best way to change student’s’ lives forever is to make sure their SRSD teacher is well trained and confident.

Are You an SRSD Champion Already?

If you have already mastered SRSD and would like to join our team as a mentor ambassador, we have many upcoming SRSD educators who could use your help.  SRSD Online has remote, part-time positions that work around your schedule. Imagine helping others succeed like you did? Just fill out this form and we will be in touch shortly: SRSD Ambassador

Now is the time to begin your SRSD journey… with one of our mentors to help, or to become one yourself.

To schedule your discovery call, please reach out to Randy Barth: