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PR: SRSD Online Year in Review: 2018 and Beyond

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Monday, March 11 2019
Contact: Tamar Russell Brown — 978.425.6290

SRSD Online Year in Review: 2018 and Beyond

From our international successes to placing SRSD into the Arizona State University Online Course Catalog, 2018 was a banner year for SRSD Online. 2019 looks to be more of the same after our trip to the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC2019) Convention in Indianapolis. Here are the highlights:

1) Internationally speaking, we assisted new projects in Australia, Canada, Dubai, France, India, Japan, Lebanon, Pakistan, Portugal, Russia, Taiwan…

Hadiqa Akhter is the first teacher in Pakistan to bring SRSD to her country.
Read more how SRSD Online fueled their success: SRSD Pakistan

2) TREE becomes DUCK when SRSD goes to Portugal. SRSD fans are very familiar with TREE and POW. But sometimes the translation to other cultures needs some help. Here is how Portugal made the smooth transition:

Dr. Catarina Araujo translated SRSD for Portugal and developed native language strategies. She now teaches dozens of educators in Portugal. Read more: SRSD Portugal

3) SRSD Online is now part of the SPED curriculum in many universities where student teachers can learn SRSD and take these new skills into the classroom.

Experienced teachers can find SRSD in ASU’s Continuing Education Catalog. See www.writingtolearn.org

4) SRSD not only crossed geographic borders, but also demographic borders, aiding students affected by EBD (Emotional Behavioral Disorder), ASD (Autism Spectrum), Complex Trauma, reading needs, social skills, and cultural issues.

Dr. Justin Garwood, University of Vermont, took SRSD online to a residential treatment center in Appalachia to bring the joy of writing to children who were victims of Complex Trauma. Read more: Emotionally challenged children

“If you can get a veteran science teacher, with a background in music education, to motivate students with severe EBD to write in science class, who couldn’t do this? Who wouldn’t SRSD work for?”

From all of us at SRSD Online, we wish you a successful year with SRSD in 2019. Contact one of our team today with questions or to get involved.

About SRSD: Self-Regulated Strategy Development (SRSD) is rated as the best evidence-based, classroom-proven writing method helping all levels of K-12 and college-entry students excel at writing and learning. Writing to Learn™ is the renowned online SRSD teacher training course with mentor support.

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