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Stay @ Home: Free PD During COVID-19 Crisis

By March 26, 2020April 3rd, 2020No Comments

Our hearts go out to educators world-wide, their families and their schools in this trying time.  Schools are closed, teachers are developing online and remote lesson plans, and everyone is worried about the risks.  Teachers, like health professionals, are dedicated and giving individuals who educate and support our children for a better world.

Please stay safe and take care of yourself and each other. The students will need you more than ever when they return to the classroom.

To address the difficulties of this school year, SRSD Online now offers free access options for all SRSD resources. And our all-volunteer organization will continue to be available for questions and support.  We are always excited to hear from you: Ask Sandy.

Learn now, pay later

  • If you or a colleague have been waiting to try SRSD, now is a good time to take online PD and prepare for happy writers next year. Get started with free and deferred payment options:
  • http://bit.ly/applySRSD

Free Coaches Training

  • Train your team: Our Champions Initiative is extended for 2020, which includes free Coaches training and teacher discounts. No purchase order required. Start group training now, and defer payments to next year:
  • https://srsdonline.org/coach/

Join our all-volunteer SRSD army.

  • Share your SRSD experience and enthusiasm with teachers new to SRSD.
  • Meet us on our Teachers Connect online community: http://bit.ly/SRSD-TC

What is SRSD?

Self-Regulated Strategy Development is the most effective evidence-based writing and learning intervention available. Created by Karen Harris, SRSD has been used for over 35 years and proven effective in 100’s of studies. SRSD Online training is used by schools world-wide and teaching Universities’ curriculum.  

Watch the 5-minute video

SRSD Online, Inc. is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization with the mission to support educators.  Many researchers have donated their time and expertise so you can learn the SRSD model. A special thank you to Karen Harris, creator of SRSD who devoted many hours without compensation to help us improve our SRSD training. We all owe a debt of gratitude for Karen’s life changing research and leadership.

To schedule your discovery call, please reach out to Randy Barth: