We know you care about your students. Thought leaders in education and corporate America agree: most students cannot write a good paragraph or thoughtful essay. Together we help educators like you bring evidence-based, efficacy tested writing strategies to your classroom.
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People of SRSD - Barbara Friedlander, Montgomery Public Schools People of SRSD
June 4, 2018

Barbara Friedlander, SRSD Author, Mentor

leads our SRSD mentoring specialists helping SRSD novices become experts.

People of SRSD
May 29, 2018

Brit Sikes, SRSD and Literacy Coach, Nashville Public Schools

0 Brit Sikes is a Self-Regulated Strategy Development (SRSD) specialist and literacy coach in the Nashville, TN public school system. Brit Sikes Biography Brit was part of a Self-Regulated Strategy...
People of SRSD
May 23, 2018

Biography: Joyce King-McIver, Speech-Language Pathologist, SRSD Researcher

SRSD researcher and speech language pathologist

People of SRSD
May 22, 2018

Biography: Robert Reid, SRSD Author, Strategy Instruction for Students with Learning Disabilities

0 Robert Reid is an SRSD researcher and author specializing in Strategy Instruction for learning reading and writing for children with learning disabilities. Robert Reid Biography Robert Reid has researched...
People of SRSD - Dr. Michael Hebert, University of Nebraska People of SRSD
May 22, 2018

Biography: Michael Hebert, SRSD Researcher, Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska

1 Michael Hebert is an SRSD researcher with interests in reading and writing development, how writing instruction influences reading development, and the identification of effective "writing to read" practices. Michael...
People of SRSD -Debra McKeown, assistant professor, Department of Educational Psychology, Special Education, and Communication Disorders People of SRSD
May 22, 2018

Biography: Debra McKeown, SRSD Researcher, Author, Assistant Professor, Educational Psychology, Special Education, and Communication Disorders

0 Debra McKeown specializes in SRSD for writing, teacher professional development models, special education teacher quality, mixed methods, single-subject design, qualitative methodology. Debra McKeown Biography Debra McKeown is an SRSD...
People of SRSD - Jessica Hagaman, University of Nebraska Omaha People of SRSD
May 18, 2018

Biography: Jessica Hagaman, SRSD Researcher, Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska, Omaha

1 SRSD Biography: Dr. Jessica Hagaman's SRSD research includes reading comprehension, academic interventions for at-risk students with disabilities and cognitive strategy instruction. Jessica Hagaman Biography Jessica is one of SRSD...
SRSD Photo of Sandra Jones, Ph.D., Educational Consultant People of SRSD
November 8, 2017

Biography: Sandra Jones, SRSD Curriculum Director, SRSD Online, PhD, Educational Consultant

I collaborated in the development and delivery of a Self-Regulated Strategy Development (SRSD) practice-based professional development online writing course.

People of SRSD - Dr. Karen Harris, Arizona State University People of SRSD
June 9, 2017

Biography: Dr. Karen R. Harris SRSD Researcher, SRSD Creator

I developed the Self-Regulated Strategy Development (SRSD) model of strategies instruction; SRSD has been most extensively researched in the area of writing, although researchers have also addressed applications in reading, math, and homework.

People of SRSD - Dr. Steve Graham, Warner Professor People of SRSD
May 26, 2017

Biography: Steve Graham SRSD Researcher

My research mostly involves students’ writing, but it also focuses on reading, reading and writing connections, and self-regulation. I’m the co-developer of the Self-Regulated Strategy Development (SRSD) model of strategies instruction.

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