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** Funding for Coaches’ Training **

Special Education leaders evaluate and champion new interventions for their schools - and SRSD (Self-Regulated Strategy Development) is the most effective teaching method you will find. SRSD Champions play a critical role in bringing SRSD to their school and coaching other teachers. By using a combination of self-paced learning and group activities, you can bring teachers and whole schools up to speed quickly and build a supportive learning community. Coaches and leaders introduce SRSD, plan time for teacher learning, provide encouragement, and set up processes to evaluate the results. SRSD Online is dedicated to helping you succeed with training, implementation, and the generalization of these powerful teaching strategies.

Meet the SRSD Champions who inspire us

SRSD has really been a life-changer for me

SRSD Champion Pam Bezis

Steve Graham and Karen Harris, are my mentors and the experts in writing.

Amber Ray "The Writing Lady"

It was like a light bulb went off

Researcher Jessica Hagaman discovering SRSD

I want to be an author. This is what I want to do with my life.

Student who would not writeAfter learning one SRSD strategy

What the Champions Inititative provides

The SRSD Champions Initiative supports educators who wish to pilot new SRSD programs in their school. Qualified applicants will receive training in the intervention strategies of SRSD developed by Dr. Karen Harris, and coaching to use Karen’s practice-based PD model to train groups of teachers.  They need support from school leaders and sufficient time in their schedule to practice the intervention and coach other teachers.

Approved applicants receive a year of mentoring and materials including:

  • Free SRSD teacher training
  • Intervention resources for each student
  • Coaches’ guide for pilot programs
  • Dedicated mentor from the SRSD Champions Network.

“SRSD has the strongest evidence rating for writing.”  – US Department of Education

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PHASE 1 Resources

Kickoff Check List Read or download
Coaches Guide Chapter 1 Read or download
Sample Project Schedule Read or download
Teacher Pre-assessment Read or download

The SRSD Coaches’ Guide Overview:

What are the elements of SRSD teacher training? The Coaches’ Guide helps you plan and implement a successful project customized to your school and your students. It documents the successful practices of dozens of projects from small groups to district-wide roll-outs.  Below are the common elements of most projects:

Introducing SRSD

In the beginning, you need to build enthusiasm for the project and engage collaboratively in planning. Teachers are most receptive to the results and recommendations of other educators they know. If you have not yet implemented SRSD, you may want to start with a small group of enthusiastic volunteers, specialists, or a grade level, and build upon their success over time.  Take advantage of the many SRSD Online resources, sign up teachers for the 5-minute emails, review the research, or Ask Sandy for help.

Sign up for 5-minute SRSD email seriesReview the research pageAsk Sandy

“SRSD has the strongest evidence rating for writing.”  – US Department of Education

Build a Learning Community

Build wide support from teachers and administrators

  • Put together grade-level teams
  • Pair mentors with new teachers
  • Plan and schedule time to share
  • Develop and share success stories

Planning for SRSD

  • How much time does training take?
  • When to schedule group meetings
  • Activities and discussion
  • When can implementation begin?
  • Develop your data plan
  • Choosing your adventure: Levels and Genres

Practice-Based Training

Dr. Karen Harris’ research shows the importance of practice to reinforce learning.

  • Discussion guide
  • Scoring activities
  • Modeling practice

Secrets From the Trainers

The SRSD network shares the best practices

  • How to integrate SRSD into your curriculum.
  • How to manage intervention
  • Getting over the training hump
  • What’s harder for High School teachers?
  • Generalizing SRSD in your school

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1000’s of teachers are experiencing unprecedented writing and excelled learning results using Self-Regulation Strategy Development (SRSD). Additionally, SRSD success is cumulative and achieves generalization to other disciplines. Here are just a handful of our SRSD stories.


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