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5 Minute SRSD – v1: What is SRSD?

By June 25, 2018June 28th, 2018No Comments

Welcome to the Summer of SRSD!

Thank you for being part of the SRSD community. This summer we are proud to present: 5 Minute SRSD – A mini-course delivered weekly to your inbox. In just 5 minutes learn the most powerful aspects of Self-Regulated Strategy Development.

Friends can sign up for the series here: 5 Minute SRSD

“SRSD has the single largest effect of any researched approach to writing instruction.”

– Writing Next Alliance for Education Excellence

Dr. Karen Harris and leading researchers present: (2:30)

Self-Regulated Strategy Development

Dr. Karen Harris developed SRSD through 35 years of research and hundreds of studies by researchers worldwide. With SRSD, teachers utilize specific evidence-based tasks to motivate students to take charge of their own learning and love writing.

“It’s not just learning to write, it’s Writing to Learn!”

– Brit Sikes, SRSD Coach

  • Instructional method for teachers

  • Motivated students, independent learners

  • Self-Regulation: Students set their own goals, grade their own work, plan and organize

  • Self-talk: positive strategies to take charge

  • New strategies for every step of writing

What The Research Tells Us: (2:38)

1.59 vs 0.34

SRSD Effect size vs Traditional process writing

“Dancing on the moon effect size”

– Dr. Steve Graham, SRSD researcher

  • Learning disabilities to general ed
  • Elementary, middle and high school
  • Highest effect size of any writing intervention
  • Anchored in cognitive science and educational psychology

Extra Credit:

Sneak peek at lesson 1 of our full SRSD Online training program

Summer training participants follow the recommended 1 hour per week schedule to be ready to teach SRSD with confidence in the fall. This week they are viewing Karen’s international presentation. It is divided into chapters for easy access. Click to view the presentation:

Dr. Karen R. Harris’ Presentation For Educators

End of Lesson

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  • 4 genres and all K-12 skill levels
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