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Brit Sikes is a Self-Regulated Strategy Development (SRSD) specialist and literacy coach in the Nashville, TN public school system.

Brit Sikes Biography

Brit was part of a Self-Regulated Strategy Development (SRSD) research study by Deborah McKeown and Karen Harris at Vanderbilt where they were  specifically targeting the type of writing that our students were expected to do for TCAP (Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program). During this SRSD research project she was able to be trained in the genres and mnemonics strategies for Self-Regulated Strategy Development. Brit noticed that her students became hooked on SRSD- and that it worked for them- and they became writers to the level that she had never seen before. Since then Brit has use self-regulation strategies in other parts of her work such as using self-talk and transferring the strategies from one subject to the next. Brit feels that the heart of the SRSD process is the interactive collaborative writing where she models to students how she is thinking/feeling, how they can think, the talking that goes around the process and constructing it all together.

Brit coined the phrase:  You’re not just learning to write but you’re writing to learn, which alludes to Self-Regulated Strategy Development generalization to other disciplines.

Currently, she is an SRSD literacy coach at Hermitage Elementary. She has been a teacher with Metro Nashville Public Schools since 2006, where she taught grades 1 and 4. Prior to working for MNPS, Brit taught for 7 years in Biloxi, MS, where she received her National Board Certification as a Middle Childhood Generalist.

In addition, Brit is a Fellow of the National Writing Project and recently participated in the Invitational Summer Institute (ISI 2015) with the Middle TN Writing Project. As a parent of two daughters, Brit has served in multiple capacities in local parent organizations, such as President of Shayne Elementary PTA, President of Friends of Nashville School of the Arts, and President of NSA Choral Booster Club. She is currently a member of Oliver Middle School PTA where she manages the PTA Newsletter and communications with members. In the past, Brit has served as Membership Chair and President of Beta Xi, a chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa.


Arkansas State University
Master of Science (MS), Curriculum and Instruction

Simmons College
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Education / English

Learner & Educator, Literacy Coach, National Board Certified, MS Curriculum and Instruction

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