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The National Commission on Writing found the two most powerful predictors of academic success are writing and reading. Through Dr. Karen R. Harris's educational research she created SRSD, here are three ways you can bring SRSD farther.

Tell Your Story

SRSD Online promotes an education community built on success and the sharing of individual results. In that spirit, we would like to hear about your effect on children in the classroom.

Submit Your Story

Bring SRSD to Your School

Let's bring SRSD to your school and change students' lives forever! We are pleased to offer our K-6 and 6-12 SRSD training programs totally online with our cloud-based platform and services. Now all your educators can have access to the most researched writing process AND access to our community of SRSD trainers and researchers.

Group TrainingSpread the word about SRSD

Help Others Succeed with SRSD

Attention SRSD experts, we are looking for leaders to share their experiences and use their skills to advance SRSD worldwide.

SRSD Online Mentor
Do you love SRSD and want to help others? New SRSD educators need you! A few conference calls, or emails for encouragement can go a long way. Join our mentor team as we guide new SRSD projects through the process of training and implementation. Learn new tools and develop your leadership skills.
SRSD Social Media-Maven
Help spread the word about SRSD! Become an active member of the network, telling your story, interacting with others and repeating the best content you find on the web. Note: You don't have to be a social media expert (we set that up for you). We just need good writers who understand the value proposition and intricacies of SRSD.
SRSD Content Editor/ Writer
Are you a writer and/or Editor? Our websites, online courses, newsletters and more always need a keen eye to flush out the errors. We have so many stories to tell and video to share – help us make them compelling with your own voice and experience.


1000’s of teachers are experiencing unprecedented writing and excelled learning results using Self-Regulation Strategy Development (SRSD). Additionally, SRSD success is cumulative and achieves generalization to other disciplines. Here are just a handful of our SRSD stories.


To schedule your discovery call, please reach out to Randy Barth: