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Imagine all of your students loving to write

ASU researchers bring you classroom-proven teaching strategies that address the learning needs of every student K-12 from 35 years of research and 100+ studies. Join us for free advice and stories from the researchers:

#1 Writing Instruction Method - SRSD

What the SRSD research tells us (2:38)

Created by ASU researcher, Dr. Karen R. Harris, Self-Regulated Strategy Development (SRSD) holds the strongest evidence rating for writing from the U.S. Department of Education.

Self-Regulated Strategy Development (SRSD) is both a set of student strategies and a method for delivering instruction for teachers that develops student ownership and confidence and allows them to take responsibility for their own learning. SRSD is a structured yet flexible approach that is complementary to your curriculum

“SRSD has the single largest effect of any researched approach to writing instruction.”
– Writing Next Alliance for Excellent Education

Incredible Student Outcomes

It is examples like these, from real classrooms in over 100 studies, that has earned SRSD incredible honors in education. The Institute of Education Sciences (U.S. Department of Education), for example, awarded SRSD with their highest designation of “strong evidence”. Today, teachers like you are experiencing their own strong evidence in dramatically improved effective writing and learning.

SRSD Writing to Learn results (2:43)

“I can’t believe this is my child’s writing”
– Mother of exceptional child

“Our teachers were thrilled with how their students self-regulated their writing, set their own goals and became independent learners.”
– Andy Bradford, Principal, Wisconsin

Online Profesional Development from ASU

Tour the course (3:41)
  • Self-paced SRSD teacher training

  • 100’s of tools for all genres K-12

  • 1000’s of teachers trained

  • Be ready to teach in 12 hours

  • Breakthrough results in 15 sessions

“This course is going to help you develop a wealth of genre knowledge, teach writing strategies that are powerful, that put your students in charge of writing and help them produce text they are proud of.”
– Dr. Karen Harris, SRSD Creator

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What researchers, principals, and teachers are saying…

About the Writing to LearnTM Online Courses
Dr. Michael Hebert, University of NebraskaUses Writing to Learn in both graduate and undergraduate curriculum.

Using the online course, Writing to Learn for SRSD, was a huge success. My students learned to teach SRSD better than they ever have before. The students nailed it this summer! 'Writing to Learn' was absolutely the best SRSD instruction I have seen for beginners, ever.

Dr. Karen Harris, Arizona State UniversityCreator of Self-Regulated Strategy Development

This course (Writing to Learn) is going to help you develop a wealth of genre knowledge, teach writing strategies that are powerful, that put your students in charge of writing and help them produce text they are proud of.

Barbara Friedlander, Montgomery Public SchoolsSchool improvement specialist, SRSD Coach, and Author

I highly recommend this course, Writing to Learn, to school districts and universities that appreciate research-based strategies that work and will be able to see results and improvement in student writing. What a great, well organized online course.

Ashley Barkel, Arizona State UniversitySRSD researcher and trainer

I was extremely impressed with Writing to Learn. I've taken many online courses for my master's program and none offered the depth of downloadable resources, activities and teaching tools as this. My peers would benefit from this course.

University BusinessPremier Industry Magazine

Writing to Learn is accelerating the trajectory of students who are now more fully engaged in both traditional and creative writing.

Jessica Hagaman, University of Nebraska OmahaAssistant Professor, Special Education Comm Disorders, Education

I think Writing to Learn is a great, complete online course and support tool and I can't wait to implement it into my own online teaching.

Brenda Tracy, Norris School DistrictEdD, NCSP, Elementary Principal

I teach several online courses and I feel that Writing To Learn is very informative, easy to understand and would be sufficient to implement SRSD in the classroom.

Mei Shen, Michigan State UniversityInstructor

Writing to Learn is a great online course and I would recommend it to English and content area teachers who are new to SRSD.

Amber Ray, University of Hawai'i at MānoaAssistant Professor, Special Education

Writing To Learn was easy to navigate on my laptop and tablet and I believe it would be sufficient for teachers to effectively implement SRSD in their classroom.

Barbara Chorzempa, Department of Educational StudiesAssociate Professor of Special Education

I really enjoyed Writing to Learn and the level of detail is superior in comparison to other online training modules that I have encountered. This is a great resource.

Andy Bradford,Principal, Fox Intermediate School, Wisconsin

SRSD Online is at or near the top of the list when it comes to student achievement. Our teachers were thrilled with seeing how their students self-regulated their writing, set their own goals and became independent learners.

Peggy RohanLiteracy Coach, Wisconsin

There are tons of writing materials out there. But SRSD (Writing to Learn) really works. The students are becoming independent and using the resources as their own which allows us to dedicate our time to those who are still struggling.

Hadiqa AkhterPrimary Teacher, Aga Khan School, Pakistan

Before Writing to Learn, my students were making simple, one sentence paragraphs. After the SRSD approach, they are writing freely and confidently on their own favorite topic. This makes me so proud that finally I have helped make them good writers.

Mark Ponte7th Grade History Teacher

My students' confidence level is so much higher, they're not scared. Instead they are excited. They just kept writing, and asking for more time. We actually had to cut it off because they just kept going!

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